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All about work permit for Sweden

Posted on November 18, 2019
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Sweden Work Permit

In an earlier post, we had talked about residence permits for Sweden. In this post, we will talk about work permits if you want to work for any firm in the country. An employee requires a work permit right from the first day of work while a resident permit is required if the assignment is more than three months. Application for these permits must be made at the same time.

Work permit application:

If the employer wants to hire an employee from outside the country, the position must have been first advertised in the EU or EEA and Switzerland 10 days before submitting the application for a work permit. The employer must also receive a confirmation from the union that the employment conditions (salary, working time, and benefits, insurance) are right before submitting the online application to the Migration Agency.

Once the Migration Agency gives its approval, applicants from outside Sweden will have to give their biometric data at the Swedish embassy or consulate nearest to them. They can enter Sweden only after getting their residence or work permit.

Applicants from the EU or EEA can start working as soon as they receive approval from the Migration Agency.

Validity of the work permit:

Work permits can be granted for two years which can be extended for another two years. After four years of working under a work permit, individuals can apply for permanent residency if they intend to settle in Sweden.

In the two years that the work permit is valid, if the individual gets a job with a new employer in Sweden, he should apply for a new permit. After the validity of the work permit is over, he can change his job and apply for an extension.

Processing time:

The Migration Agency may take 20 to 30 working days to process the application. If the company is certified by the migration agency, the processing time is faster.


Specialists or highly skilled individuals are exempted from a work permit if they are working for an international group and their duration of stay is less than one year. They should apply for a residence permit if their stay is longer than three months.

The work permit issued by Sweden is essential for those who want to work here. To know more, consult an immigration expert.

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