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Posted on December 15 2016

The Consular Chief of U.S. Consulate General says that student visa processing is simple

By  Editor
Updated March 07 2024

The process of securing a student visa to the US is free of complications, according to Charles Luoma the Consular Chief of U.S. Consulate General in Chennai. He has said that it was quite impressive to meet a student with high caliber as quoted by The Hindu. The eagerness and passion that the students express for learning more in life and higher studies in the US was a matter of delight, he added.


America remains one of the most preferred destinations for overseas students. The reason for this is the competitive degrees and flexible nature of education of the globally accredited universities in the US attracts students from all over the world.


Once the students have secured an admission into one of the universities or educational institutions in America, the next step is the securing the student visa. Most of the parents and students are worried about the visa processing which is actually quite simple, said Luoma.


Upon the completion of the easy to use student visa application in the Electronic Application Center website of the US Consular, the students are allotted two appointments. In the first appointment, the students have to furnish their details including photos and finger impressions at the visa processing centers. The interview will be held in the second appointment at the U.S. Consulate General.


Students who successfully complete both the rounds of appointments are given the visa. After this, the passport is issued and they can travel to the US in one week.


Charles Luoma also said that there are no right answers that are applicable to all the applicants. The reason is that no set of answers are right for all the student applicants as each student is unique.


It is pleasurable for the visa officers to interact with the students who are quite enthusiastic regarding their higher education in the US and share their plans for education. It is advised to honestly share the plans regarding career goals, the selected university in the US and give details of the financial arrangements that have been made for the study and stay in the US.


The necessary documents that the student applicants need to carry to their interview include the letter of acceptance, 1-20 form given by the respective university or educational institution, accredited test results and other relevant documents that would facilitate the interview.


It is quite astounding to discover the fact that the U.S. Consulate General office in Chennai conducts around 1,000 to 1,500 visa interviews on an average every day. The duration of the majority of the interviews is not beyond five minutes. This is sufficient to highlight the importance of giving clear and concise answers to the questions of the visa officers.


Students whose visa applications are approved need to have the receipt of payment of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System fees and their passport while traveling to the US. In the case of inability to produce this proof of payment of the fees it will be troublesome to enroll for the course of your choice.


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