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Step-by-step guide to land a job in Germany

Posted on October 4, 2019
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If you are thinking of moving to Germany to seek a career, then you must first apply for a job there. Once you know your visa options for working in Germany, you can begin your job search in earnest.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you in your job search.

job in Germany

Step 1: Create a resume format suitable for the European job market:

The right resume format is necessary to apply for a job in Germany. Follow the European format to apply for a job. This resume format does not exceed two pages and is more precise. It is mandatory to include your nationality, address, photo, Skype ID, and telephone number in your resume.

We suggest that you include the most important information in the first page such as your name, contact information, professional experience, etc. On the second page, you can include details such as your educational background, details of projects or internships and include details of your interests and other activities.

Including a photo is important otherwise your profile will not be considered. It should be of passport size and must be professional. Include details of languages you know and your proficiency levels in them. If you are proficient in German, then you have better chances of getting a job.

Step 2:  Create your profile on job sites:

The next step is to create your profile on job sites such as Xing, Linkedin, Stepstone, Monster.de or Karriere.at. Try and upload your resume on these websites that focus on Germany. Apply here for jobs that match your profile. Companies and job consultancies look for suitable profiles in these websites and if your profile matches their requirements, they will contact you for further details. This will improve your chances of getting a job that matches your skills.

Step 3: Send out job applications with a cover letter:

When you are sending out job applications, ensure you include a cover letter. This letter gives you a chance to elaborate on certain aspects of your CV and gives you chance to explain any unusual aspect if any in your CV.

Please note that German recruiters read everything in the cover letter. This will help them get straight to the point during the interview without wasting time on basic details about the candidate during the interview.

land a job in Germany

Step 4: Interview process:

German companies usually follow a two-stage interview process. The first stage is a phone or Skype interview. This interview gives an opportunity for the recruiter to give you information about the role and ask for more details based on your CV. You can use this opportunity to know more about the company by asking specific questions. This will also indicate that you have done some research about the company.

The company will assess if you are suitable for the role in the phone interview. If you clear this interview, then you will be called for the next round of interviews.  This can be either a face-to-face interview or assessment day.

In the face-to-face interview, there will be little small talk, rather the interviewer will ask you specific questions or ask you about previous job experience. Be honest and straightforward in your responses, this is appreciated by recruiters.

If you must attend an assessment day then you can meet other candidates and interact with them to get more details.

 Step 5: Waiting for response:

The response to your job application can take 1 to 2 months, considering the gap between interview rounds. So, you will have to wait for this period before you get a response.

 Step 6: Negotiating the job offer and salary:

If you are selected, then you will get a job offer where the salary will be specified. You can negotiate on the salary part because the figure is based on the city where the job is based. You can also discuss health insurance and relocation bonus if needed at this stage.

Once you get a job offer to apply for a German work visa before you move to the country. Check with an immigration consultant on your visa options and for the right guidance on the visa application process.

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