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New Zealand’s construction sector fall short of skilled workers

Posted on June 1, 2017
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Individuals who have work experience in jobs pertaining to their skill and ability often look for a change when they hear and read of opportunities. Especially they choose places that have a good quality of life and a place that strikes an absolute work-life balance. The fact is where ever you may intend to Migrate you vowing to work hard and progress which happens to be one your prominent motto’s.

New Zealand is a well-developed country which is well connected and has several opportunities. All you have to know is to fit successfully into a Job; you should be prepared to adjust to the host country’s way of working. If you can carry a positive and “can do” attitude you will be accepted into any pioneering working platform. If you have the skills and you think you have relevant experience in the stream of construction. New Zealand is the place that is having the shortage for Skilled Migrant Workers.

The Government has identified the shortage of skills and employers are informed to recruit people from Overseas who will be an asset to meet the demand of skills shortage. Moreover, construction activities are growing across New Zealand especially in places like Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Napier-Hastings, and Canterbury.

All you have to do is match your ability and check for its availability on the skills shortage list. If you have the Academic and Technical qualification from relevant fields such as a building survey & inspector, project managers, foreman, project builders, urban planners, surveyors and survey technicians as well. To fill gaps and shortages training groups have also begun the campaigning and motivating people to enhance individual skills.

To start with, you will need an offer where the job is listed on New Zealand’s occupational skill shortage list. As a result, you may apply for a Temporary Visa which will be issued based on the term of your job offer and provincial labor market regulations.

Additionally, if your skill and educational qualification match the eligibility you can apply for an Essential Skills Work Visa even when the job you are applying for is not on skill shortage list. An added benefit for all employees who Migrate to New Zealand can obtain a permanent residency after working in the particular job for 24 months. You would also get to use other visa options to invite dependent spouse and children as well.

On the construction front, the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment has figured out that there is a huge demand for about 30,000 skilled construction workers. As the companies are opening more opportunities and you have the talent to step into the enormous skill pool. Besides, you will also find work opportunities such as recreation services, art, engineering and social assistance services.

If you have plans to find essential work opportunities contact the world’s best and trusted visa and immigration consultant.

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