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Overseas job recruiters must avoid 7 common interview mistakes

Posted on May 16, 2018
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Overseas Job Recruiters

Overseas job recruiters must avoid 7 common interview mistakes to attract the best and top talents globally:

Being delayed:

It is more often than not that candidates appearing for their interview step out from their current job schedule. Thus it is crucial to stick to the scheduled time of the interview.

Under preparedness:

Not reading a resume prior to an interview is a big red flag for many job seekers. This is because it shows that the time that they have dedicated has not been valued. It also reflects disinterestedness in the worst scenario.

Excessive focus on experience and skills:

The best interviews will combine both behavioral and technical based questions for determining the suitability of candidates. Over-focus on mere skills and experience is a real big no, as quoted by the Insight Resources Seek.

Curveballs questions:

Curveball questions can sometimes showcase the problem-solving skills of candidates. However, normally they confuse them and steer them off-track. It is good if overseas job recruiters try to avoid them.

Dictating the discussion:

It is a big faux pas if an interviewer does not invite candidates to ask queries. It must always be a two-way process. Ideally, candidates must be encouraged to speak for 3/4ths of the time.

Ambiguous timelines:

Having transparent timelines is very critical, specifically for strong candidates that receive multiple job offers. It is very important to communicate the number of stages that are involved before the offer is rolled out.

Inadequately valuing the organization:

The interview is the most appropriate time for positioning your organization. Thus it is crucial for overseas job recruiters to highlight chief attractions of the role and focus less on evaluation. It is specifically relevant to roles that are competent and scenarios with candidates having multiple offers.

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