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Job portal in Germany facilitates overseas immigrants get jobs

Posted on December 14, 2016
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Germany has seen an arrival of a large number of immigrants to the country last year. A new job portal in Germany is attempting to facilitate the matching of existing jobs and the prospective workers.

In the beginning of this year, Migrant hiring was started by a group of German citizens and immigrants. The recruiting firm has a staff of five people who work as volunteers in a shared working place at the Kreuzberg district in Berlin.

As of now, more than 8,000 immigrants have registered in this job portal which is a meager number when compared to the total 890,000 refugees who arrived in Germany last year. This is, however, a positive sign that there are serious job seekers in the total migrant population.

The website of this job portal first assists the immigrants to create a profile that caters to the job requirements in Germany. It then liaises the profiles with the German firms. There is no fee charged by this job portal and it functions through donations and volunteers for the day to day work.

Hussein Shaker, the co-founder of Migrant Hire has channelized his experience in the past of searching a job in Germany as an immigrant in laying out the framework for assisting the migrants in finding a job.

It was quoted by The Hindu that Hussein Shaker had pursued his studies in Information technology in the city of Aleppo in Syria. When he arrived in Germany after his studies, he was, however, unable to find a job in the IT industry. He instead got a job at the call centre while he was learning the German language.

A Norwegian entrepreneur in Berlin, Remi Mekki approached Hussein Shaker with the concept of Migrant Hire. He could not say no to this and immediately quit his job to work on the launch of job portal.

A typical day at the office for Hussein and his co-workers involves assisting immigrants to write resumes, answer their queries regarding German jobs and facilitate the immigrants to apply fro the jobs in Germany.

The job is not at all easy as the number of immigrants arriving in Germany and seeking jobs is increasing day by day. The immigrants depart with their homes and dear ones but the end result would be something which would be worth all it, said Shaker.

The immigrant from Syria, Naji Negmah has already experienced this. Once he learned the German language for a year, he appeared for the interview with Berlin’s security company. After Negmah was through the interview, he was trained for ten days and he started working as a security guard at a refugee home in Berlin. He is now a full-time worker similar to other staff on contract.

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