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The dynamic New Zealand job market scenario for immigrants

Posted on May 27, 2017
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New Zealand Immigration

Overseas Immigrants who intend to find a job in New Zealand will be very keen to assess the suitability of their skills for the job market. It will be their prime consideration for Immigration to New Zealand. In the majority of the scenarios, immigrants who possess good work experience and skills have very good chances of getting a Job in New Zealand.

The skills that are usually in demand in New Zealand are from these sectors:  Telecommunications, Engineering, Education, Finance & Business, Construction, Science, Recreation, Hospitality & Tourism, Oil & Gas, Health & Social Services, ICT, and Electronics, quotes New Zealand Immigration.

It is very crucial for you as an aspiring immigrant job seeker to New Zealand that you have a very practical and ground level comprehension of all the necessary processes and procedures that are required for immigrating and finding a job.

Immigration advisors at Y-Axis will assist you throughout the process of job search.

The Skills Shortage lists are very valuable parameters for immigrants to assess their chances of securing a Job in New Zealand. They are updated on a regular basis and reflect the labor market scenario.

The list that reflects the immediate requirement of Skilled Workers in New Zealand is the Immediate Skill Shortage List. It is an indication of unavailability of citizens or residents of New Zealand for these jobs.

Long Term Skill Shortage List reflects the occupations that have sustained and the current shortage of highly skilled workers in New Zealand as well as globally.

Immigrants who possess skills in the Telecommunications, Engineering, Construction, and Trade professions are likely to find a place in the Canterbury Skill Shortage List. They can avail the Essential Skills work visa.

Immigrants who possess skills that are included in any of the above mentioned three skills lists have every good chance of securing a job and Visa in New Zealand.

Even if your skills are not included in any of these skill lists, you have excellent chances of finding a job and securing a Visa to New Zealand if you have good work experience and academic credentials.

You may also be eligible for a Skilled Migrant Category resident visa. An immigration counselor will give you a fairly realistic scenario of the number of points you will need to secure this visa.

If you are looking to Migrate, Study, Visit, Invest or Work in New Zealand, contact Y-Axis, the world’s most trusted Immigration & Visa Consultant.

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