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Jobs outlook in Australia for 2023

Posted on December 29, 2022
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How is Australia Job Market in 2023?  

  • Five lakhs job vacancies are available in Australia
  • Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, has high job vacancies
  • Issues skilled visas in days to prioritized occupations.
  • 4% real GDP growth in Australia
  • 3.4% Unemployment rate in Australia
  • 40 hours of working hours in a week and overtime gets paid
  • 195,000 new allocations added to the current Australian Immigration target for 2023
  • 810 positions for Business Innovations through the BIIP program

Job outlook in Australia, 2023

Australia is in dire need of skilled workers for various sector occupations. There are no Australians left to fill the empty jobs. Hence looking out for skilled foreign workers.

The Australian government has already announced the immigration levels plan for 2023 as the 2022-23 Migration program. According to the 2022-23 migration program, Australia has plans to increase its immigration allocation with 195,000 places.

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Australia welcomed 171,000 immigrants in FY 2021-2022

Australian government announced visa changes for 2022-23

Based on the increased allocations, the Australian immigration authorities have increased the number of visa places under every category. The table below displays the number of visa places increased under the category:

Visa Stream Visa Category 2021-22 Planning levels 2022-23 Planning levels


Employer Sponsored 22,000 35,000
Skilled Independent 6,500 32,100​
Regional 11,200 34,000
State/Territory Nominated 11,200 31,000
Business Innovation & Investment 13,500 5,000
Global Talent (Independent) 15,000 5,000
Distinguished Talent 200 300
Skill Total 79,600 142,400


Partner 72,300 40,500
Parent 4,500 8,500
Child 3,000 3,000
Other Family​ 500 500​
​​Family Total 80,300 ​52,500
Special Eligibility 100 100
Total Migration Program 160,000 195,000

Australia has chronic shortages of a few occupations which need skilled workers. Unemployment dropped to 3.4% in November 2022. The Australian government has prioritized some of the professions for which the skilled visas will be granted within a few days.

The table below shows the highly prioritized jobs which can get skilled visas in a few days:

S.No High-priority jobs
1 School teachers
2 Child care workers and child care centre managers
3 Aged and disabled carers
4 Counsellors and psychologists
5 Medical scientists
6 Medical technicians
7 Nursing support workers
8 Social workers

​​​​​​​​​​ Information Technology (IT):

IT is one of the top in-demand occupations in Australia, and it is in dire need of skilled workers. 26% of job aspirants state that finding an IT job in 2022 is easy with little authorized training. IT is also considered the highest-paid industry in the country, with several roles in technology.

Many states in Australia are famous for IT job vacancies. 23% of IT employers have been interested in hiring foreign skilled IT workers. International students who have studied IT as a particular subject can take up program development as a job with proper certifications after graduating.

An IT worker can earn up to AUD 99,993 per year. There are various roles that an IT-based worker can work. The table below shows the roles and wages that an IT worker can get.

IT roles Wages per annum
IT Manager 134,763
Program Manager 127,429
Project Manager 120,000
Systems Engineer 114,741
Engineer 112,358
Network Engineer 110,000
Design Engineer 107,375
Systems Administrator 100,191
IT Analyst    97,755
Service Technician    77,667

 Sales & Marketing:

Sales and Marketing is an in-demand occupation in Australia. Sales and Marketing are the prime needs for any company; hence there are huge job vacancies in this field. Sales and Marketing persons can work in various roles and earn competitive salaries.

In the Sales & Marketing occupation, an individual can make AUD 75,000. The percentage of females working in the Sales and Marketing field is high across Australia.

Different roles in Sales and Marketing Average wages per annum in AUD
Director 144,939
Market Manager 125,000
Manager 117,750
Business Development Manager 114,500
Sales Manager 102,978
Supervisor 79,480
Sales 74,668
Sales Rep 70,000
Sales Consultant 70,000
Store Manager 62,000

Finance & Accounting:

Finance and Accounting is an in-demand occupations across the states of Australia. Sometimes Finance and accounting are offered as two different roles. Accounting jobs are considered one of the best investments to build a career.

Financial accounting professionals are responsible for publicly reporting a company or an organization’s financial status. A Finance and Accounting professional can earn around AUD 92,813 per year. There are various roles assigned under Finance and accounting occupations with variable wages; for details, check the table below:

Different roles in Finance and Accounting Average wages per annum in AUD
Principal 134,915
Registrar 126,897
Business Manager 120,655
Analyst 102,720
Advisor 101,253
Controller 100,033
Coordinator   89,365
Account Manager   87,500
Assistant Manager   80,020
Attendant   57,764


The Australian government maintains a stronger health system for a better future and has planned to invest around AUD 140 billion per year with a total commitment of AUD 537 billion for the next 4 years.

Currently, Australia is in dire need of Nurses and other healthcare professionals, and the government prioritizes these vacancies to fill up under skilled visas.

Australian immigration authorities also announced no requirement of PMSOL (Priority-Migration-Skilled-Occupation-List) for prioritized occupations. A healthcare professional can earn around AUD 101,932 per annum.

There are various other roles under the Healthcare occupation, where a foreign immigrant can get a different job and earn a good salary.


Hospitality is one of the biggest and fast-growing industries, which is an asset for the Australian economy. Australia has many openings for Hospitality occupations with great opportunities for foreign immigrants. Australia has more than 90,000 job vacancies for Hospitality occupations.

A Hospitality professional can earn up to AUD 67,784 per annum on average. There are various other roles for which an individual can get a job and earn a competitive salary.

Different roles in Hospitality Average wages per annum in AUD
Resident Manager 145,008
General Manager 135,799
Operations Manager 120,032
Executive Chef   96,250
Inspector   92,042
Food Manager   90,000
Assistant Manager   80,000
Restaurant Manager   65,000
Deli Manager   63,004

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Teachers are one of the in-demand occupations in Australia at present. A teacher can earn up to AUD 83,176 per annum on average. The Australian government has prioritized Teacher recruitment as one of the top options. The Immigration authority of Australia has planned to issue skilled visas to teachers without needing the submission of PM SOL.

The table below shows the different roles that are under the Teacher occupation.

Different roles under Teacher occupations Average wages per annum in AUD
Superintendent 148,248
Principal 134,915
Program Coordinator   97,137
Scheduler   90,000
Teacher   85,883
Educator   83,110
Coach   78,000
Instructor   68,250
Administrative Assistant   67,752
Cleaner   54,600

Apply for an Australia work visa

Step 1: Check your eligibility for an Australia work visa with the Australia immigration points calculator Y-Axis provides.

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Step 2: Select the work visa that suits your profile, or when in doubt, reach out to the experienced immigration consultant for assistance.

Step 3: Always arrange and get ready with the documents and get them authorized or recognized.

Step 4: Checklist the mandatory submission documents, including the Clearance certificates.

Step 5: When you have followed all the four steps listed above, now it’s time to pay the necessary fees for the Australian work visa you are applying for.

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