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Japan doubles Working Holiday Visas quota for Taiwan

Posted on March 29, 2019
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Japan doubles Working Holiday Visas

The Working Holiday Visas quota for Taiwan has been doubled by Japan. Both the nations signed an agreement to this effect. It will offer more Visas to Taiwanese adults now. The yearly quota for youth from Japan remains unchanged.

The Working Holiday Visas quota for Taiwanese youth will be enhanced to 10,000 from the existing 5,000. This will be effective from April 2019. The increase has been made owing to the growing numbers of applicants from Taiwan. The applicants must be in the age range of 18 years to 30 years, as quoted by the Japan Times.

Chiou I-Jen Taiwan-Japan Relations Association President represented Taiwan in the signed agreement. Mikio Numata Chairman of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association signed on behalf of Japan. This was at the de facto Embassy of Japan in Taipei.

Numata said that the Working Holidays Visas Program was first launched in 2009. The yearly quota was set at 2,000. This was increased to 5,000 in the year 2014. The number of applicants from Taiwan is growing constantly. More than 8,400 Taiwanese youth applied for this program in 2018, he said.

Japan has decided to increase the yearly quota by twice after several rounds of the meeting said Numata. This is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the implementation of this program, he added.

It is important for young people to live and work overseas said, Chiou. They are the pillar of the nation, he added. This will help them with firsthand experience of the working environment and way of life of that nation, he explained.

Chiou said that increased numbers of Taiwanese youth are applying for Japan’s WH Visas. However, Japanese youth do not appear to be equally interested, he pointed out.

The yearly quota of Taiwan WH Visas for Japanese applicants will remain at 5,000. This is owing to the low numbers of applicants.

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