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How can you get a job in New Zealand?

Posted on June 4, 2019
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job in New Zealand

Aspiring immigrants must get a job in New Zealand before they move to the nation. This is because majority of the immigrants require a job offer for receiving the New Zealand Work Visa. Below are some of the pathways for obtaining a job in New Zealand:

Job Search Assistance and Regional Newcomer Skills Matching programs:

Job Search Assistance and Regional Newcomer Skills Matching programs build links between employers and immigrants seeking jobs. This also includes spouses and partners of skilled immigrants.

You can visit the regions and cities in New Zealand to locate Job Search Assistance and Regional Newcomer Skills Matching program providers in your region.

Recruitment firms:

Employers in New Zealand often use recruitment agents or firms for screening and finding suitable candidates. This is especially for high-level and specialist jobs, as quoted by the New Zealand Now Govt NZ.  These agents receive a fee from the employer when they pace someone successfully in the job in New Zealand.

It is up to you to register with one or multiple Overseas Job agents. This is fine generally unless you overdo it. If you are forwarded for the same role by multiple agents, this will portray both of you as unprofessional. The employment market in New Zealand is not huge. Thus it is specifically important to track whom you had contacted regarding jobs and when.

Direct contacts:

Contacting employer or professional organizations, or employers directly can be a good plan as some jobs are not advertised at all. Kiwi employers are always impressed by candidates who take initiative. Do not hesitate to email or call a company for a job that you are interested in. This is even if you do not follow the same in your home nation.

The individuals that you speak to may offer you references in other companies even if they do not have suitable jobs for you. They may also offer you the advice you regarding other skills in your profile that other firms may find useful.

Visit New Zealand:

Several employers have a preference for face-to-face meetings. You can visit New Zealand and organize in-person interviews to enhance your chances of obtaining a job.

Many immigrants visit New Zealand for a preliminary fact-finding holiday. They schedule appointments and visit major employers. You must ensure to schedule the appointments in advance by emailing or calling. This is because last-minute scheduling is not appreciated by Kiwi employers.

Nowadays, making calls to employers overseas is not that tough than calling them in your home country. This is due to diverse options for low cost calling such as Skype.

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