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Good times ahead in Kiwi Job Market!

Posted on April 17, 2018
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Kiwi Job Market

Good times are ahead for the New Zealand Job Market especially for those immigrants and workers who possess the appropriate skills. The economy has been affected to a lesser extent by the global financial crisis when compared with several other nations. Kiwi Job Market has been gaining momentum, especially in the last 5 years.

The job market conditions in New Zealand are anticipated to remain strong. The minimum rate of growth predicted by the Government for the next 5 years is 2.9% annually. New Zealand has several job openings for experts in industries such as IT, Engineering, and Medicine. However, prospects are also available for professionals in the general skills as well, as quoted by the New Zealand Now Govt NZ.

Some of the Skills in New Zealand are in chronic shortage. Immigration New Zealand has the skill shortages list.  It also has a separate list of skills required for rebuilding the Canterbury region in the post 2010-11 earthquake periods.

Obtaining a Residence and Work Visa for New Zealand will be easier for immigrants who possess qualifications and appropriate experience. They must also possess a Job offer from a New Zealand employer on the list of skills shortages.

The government of New Zealand has identified that firms need to hire overseas workers to cater to the skill shortages in the job market. Immigrants whose skills do not find a place in the shortages list also have a chance for Residence Visa. They may be in a position to apply as a Skilled migrant for the New Zealand Residence Visa. It can also be possible to apply for a Work Visa if you are offered a job by an employer who is unable to identify a local worker for the position.

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