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Posted on January 21 2020

Germany: Which will be Highest Paid Professions of 2020?

By  Editor
Updated February 29 2024

Germany has the largest economy in Europe and is a popular option for those who want to work overseas. Germany is also facing a skills shortage as per recent reports. By 2030 Germany is expected to have a skills shortage of at least 3 million workers. Research studies suggest that the increase in the aging population and a decrease in the birth rate are the main reasons.


There will be job opportunities in the STEM and health-related occupations. These include engineers belonging to the engineering, mechanical, electrical and IT fields. The healthcare sector will also see more demand, especially for nurses and caregivers, owing to the increase in the aging population in the country.


So, what will be the highest-paid professions in Germany for 2020?  The highest-paid professions in Germany belong to the medical, engineering and financial sectors. The top-paying jobs require that you have a degree related to your profession because unskilled jobs do not fetch a good salary.


Here is the list of the top 10 highest paying professions in Germany:

  1. Senior doctor
  2. Specialist doctor
  3. Fund manager
  4. Corporate finance manager
  5. Key account manager
  6. Patent engineer
  7. Insurance engineer
  8. Regional sales manager
  9. Lawyer / Legal advisor
  10. Sales engineer

The list shows that most of the top jobs belong to the medical, finance, engineering and sales professions.


Medical profession: Since Germany is facing a shortage of medical professionals, foreigners with a degree in medicine can move to the country and get a license to practice medicine here. But their degree must be equal to the medical qualification in Germany. A senior doctor in Germany can hope to earn about 116,900 Euros per year while a specialist doctor can earn 78,000 Euros per year.


Engineering profession: Manufacturing and software take the center stage when it comes to Germany. This means more job opportunities in the engineering sector and better pay as well.


Top paying jobs in this sector are a patent engineer who is involved in preparing and prosecuting patent applications. This role is of significance in manufacturing companies. A patent engineer can hope to earn 72,000 Euros per year.


Another top job in this sector is an insurance engineer who can earn about 71,000 Euros per year. They are usually in demand by insurance companies to help make assessments for clients.


Finance professions: The finance sector here is among the largest in the world and offers numerous job opportunities for qualified professionals. A fund manager in Germany can hope to earn 75,800 Euros per year while a corporate finance manager can hope to earn 75,400 Euros per year.


Highest paid professions in Germany for 2020:


Occupation Average Salary
Senior doctor 116,900 Euros
Specialist doctor 78,000 Euros
Fund manager 75,800 Euros
Corporate finance manager 75,400 Euros
Key Account manager 72,600 Euros
Patent engineer 72,000 Euros
Insurance engineer 71,000 Euros
Regional sales manager 70,800 Euros
Lawyer/Legal advisor 69,000 Euros
Sales Engineer 68,000 Euros


Germany is expected to have several job openings in various fields in 2020 and some of them are top paying ones. If you are qualified for any of the jobs described above, then you can apply for work in Germany.


highly paid professions in Germany


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