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Finding a UK employer to sponsor your Tier 2 visa

Posted on June 19, 2020
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UK Tier 2 visa

If you wish to move to the UK on work and do not belong to an EU or EEA country, then you are required to acquire a Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from a UK employer. But not all UK employers have permission to issue a CoS to foreign employees. This is because UK employers must prove to the UK Home Office that they can meet its requirements if they need permission to sponsor foreign workers.

Finding a UK employer who can sponsor a Tier 2 visa

It will be easy to find one in the ‘Register of Sponsors Licensed Under the Points-based System’ which is available to the public. This contains a list of all the employers who have permission to sponsor international employees. In March 2020, they were 31,208 UK employees across all sectors who could sponsor employees. In the register, you can find information such as:

  • Name of the company
  • Its location
  • Tier and sub-tier of the visa the company can sponsor
  • Rating of the organization

Improving your chances of getting a  job with a Tier 2 sponsorship

Check if your occupation is on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL): The SOL is published by the UK government, and it contains the list of occupations facing a shortage of professionals. This list shows the skills in demand and it will be easy to obtain a job if you have the skills to work in these occupations. This list is regularly updated by keeping track of the skill shortages within the country.

With the current situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and the impending Brexit, the list of occupations in the SOL is only expected to increase.

Look for occupations that are in high demand: Some occupations not necessarily in the SOL will always be in high demand, these can be temporary workers in the agricultural sector. Sectors such as manufacturing and service sector industries are also facing a shortage of workers. There is also a demand for healthcare workers.

The point is there is no shortage of jobs for those who are keen to find employment.

Take the help of an international recruitment agency: You can get in touch with recruitment agencies to find a job in the UK. Some of these agencies may be involved in sourcing workers for UK companies while some may focus on filling specific roles with international employees. The recruiter will share your profile with the employers who are looking for people like you and will also help you build a suitable profile to attract UK employers and initiate the interview process.

Look out for fresh graduate positions: If you are a fresh graduate, you can try in any of the numerous UK companies that are looking for fresh graduates. For this you will need to do some legwork much before your final year because most of these companies start their recruitment process early. It will also give you time to prepare for fulfilling any additional requirements of these companies. These can be specific work experience or language certifications.

Make use of online job search sites: You can use online job databases to find the role you are looking for in the UK. These roles are advertised with an indication that they have a Tier 2 sponsorship. This will make your job hunt easier.

You can also use advanced search options to look for employers who are looking for candidates from outside the EU or EEA.

Use social media to enhance your job search: Social media sites such as Linked in give you an opportunity to be discovered by UK employers provided you have created the right profile. You can also find suitable job openings through such sites. You can target specific companies and their personnel through these sites.

You can find the right job in the UK with a Tier 2 sponsor employer provided you polish your job search skills and know what and where to search. Good luck!

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