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Reasons why Canada is a top choice for a management career

Posted on December 12, 2019
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Canada has emerged as a top destination for individuals seeking a degree in management. Apart from this, it is a top destination for MBA graduates seeking an overseas career. What are the factors that make Canada a top destination? Read this post for more insights.

 Why is Canada a top destination for MBA degree?

Canada is among the top five countries international students choose to do their MBA. While the US remains at the top of the list for MBA aspirants, its popularity has declined in the past few years. The reasons for this are the tight visa rules and the recently implemented visa reforms which will have an impact on the career prospects of international students who do their graduation here.

This is one reason why Canada has increased in popularity in the past five years. Students who do their MBA in Canada have better career prospects.  The table below provides a quick comparison between Canada and USA for management studies.

Features of MBA course Canada USA
Duration of the course 16-24 months 21-24 months
Cost of course Lesser compared to the US High but there are funding options
GMAT score requirements Lower compared to US Higher compared to other countries
Post study work permit duration 3 years for a 2-year master’s degree course

1 year for a 12-month course

 12 months

The open and inclusive character of Canada makes it an attractive overseas career destination for students.

What are the post-study work options?

Canada has a strong services sector that include financial services, healthcare and retail. Small businesses also play an important role in the economy. MBA graduates can find jobs here.

The Canadian economy has a strong startup presence. The government provides support to startups with funding, tax cuts, and special visas. Management graduates not willing to start their own business can still find plenty of other job opportunities.

Another feature of the Canadian job market is certain types of jobs are location specific.  Alberta and Calgary will have plenty of jobs in the oil, gas and mining sectors. Jobs in the financial sector can be found in Toronto whereas tech jobs are concentrated in Vancouver and Toronto.

Consulting companies are also looking at hiring MBA graduates in large numbers. Consulting companies in the field of healthcare, financial services, pharma, healthcare, and biotech are expected to have a significant number of job openings in the next few years.

How can MBA graduates improve their chances of getting a job?

Competition is tough in the Canadian job market, and it is smaller compared to the US. To be successful in their job search, MBAs should learn to network and get as many referrals as possible. Referrals are the key to filling job positions in Canada.

Recruiters suggest that graduates should gain some work experience before applying for a job in Canada to get an understanding of the local job market.

Management graduates can find good job opportunities in Canada thanks to a booming economy and an open policy towards immigrants. If you are a management graduate looking for an international career, then finding work in Canada can be a strategic move.

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