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Most attractive countries to work for software professionals globally

Posted on December 2, 2017
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The demand for Software Professionals continues to grow unabated. It is not surprising given the fact it one of the highest-paying professions globally.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics was quoted by techgig. com as saying that employment opportunities for software developers are estimated to grow by 17 percent during the period 2014 – 2024. This growth is much faster when compared to the average rate in other occupations.

Some nations that offer great working and living conditions for software professionals as per Insider Monkey, a financial website, have been named below. It factored in various considerations before arriving at this list.

Switzerland ranks as the best country for them if earnings are taken into consideration. Moreover, this Alpine country is less populated when compared to countries such as the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, etc. This country’s working and living conditions for employees are also among the best in the world.

Though it employs more people in traditional sectors such as insurance, finance, biotech, pharmaceutical, chemicals and high-precision manufacturing, its demand for software professionals is quite high and their average earnings per year are about $104,200.

Being the richest Nordic nation, the average earnings of professionals in Norway is way above the global average. The bonus of Working in Norway is that it also figures among the top of ‘happiness index’. Software professionals can expect to get an annual salary of about $81,400 here.

In 2016, out of the total workforce of 152 million in the US, 3.87 million are software professionals. With average earnings of about $76,000 per year, America is renowned for its high quality of life.

Denmark, which also figures on the top of ‘happiness index’, pays software professionals an annual salary of about $71,500.

Israel has also come of age in the hi-tech sector. This Asian country faces a shortage of 10,000 software engineers and programmers currently. Owing to this, average earnings for software professionals in Israel increased by 38 percent during 2005 – 2015. Software engineers and programmer can expect to earn about $70,700 per year.

Australia is also facing a dearth of software professionals. The Department of Employment of Australia expects 14,600 new roles to be created between 2014 and 2019 in the ICT (information and communications technology) sector. Software professionals can expect to earn about $65,900 per year here. It also ranks highly in living and working conditions.

Germany, which is the largest economy in Europe, also requires many professionals. In fact, many companies in this country are said to be operating their developing teams in English so that they can employ foreign professionals. Annual earnings per software professional are about $63,800 in this country.

Though climate may be hostile for some people because of very cool winters, Sweden offers high living standards and always faces a shortage of software professionals. Software professionals in this Scandinavian country can earn an average salary of about $61,400 per year.

Other top countries for software professionals are New Zealand, Canada and Belgium where an average annual salary is around $59.600, $57,500 and $42,249, respectively.

In fact, Canada needs 182,000 workers in software and allied fields by 2019, according to a labour market report for IT. In addition, it is the easiest country to gain entry into among the developed nations.

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