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The 4 myths to avoid for advancing in your Overseas Career

Posted on February 7, 2019
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Overseas Career

We present here 4 common myths regarding management of Overseas Career to assist in guiding your actions and decisions towards success. You must avoid these mistakes at all costs:

Myth 1: In order to be successful you need to get promoted to management

It is a general misconception that advancement in Overseas Career implies moving up in a firm into management positions. But this is often not the case with many workers. This includes those in highly specialized expertise like programming or creative types.

The focus, on the other hand, must be to enhance the value that you offer. It need not be necessarily bound exclusively to managerial positions.

Myth 2: You must always select the job that pays higher

Money does matter of course, but perhaps not as much as you may think. Research has revealed that individuals with incomes higher than $105,000 annually actually see a drop in their overall well being and level of happiness.

On the other hand, what makes difference is the quality of life. A big ingredient of this is how much you love your job. So rather than just running after dollars, seek a job that is fulfilling.

Myth 3: To really reach the highest level in your career you must move to coastal big cities

Coastal cities in the US may have more glamour to offer. However, the latest study by Glassdoor puts 3 non-coastal cities at the top of its rankings for best cities for jobs. These are Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh.

You can find opportunities for advancement in Overseas Career across the US. Thus it is not required to focus your career goals on just getting into New York City or LA, as quoted by the Forbes.

Myth 4: Networking is an opportunity to endorse you

Networking is crucial at all stages of your Overseas Career. It broadens your horizons and increases your knowledge base. This also creates opportunities that just cannot be done by isolated work.

Nevertheless, you are doing this in a wrong way if you consider networking as a chance to primarily promote yourself.

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