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148, 000 US Jobs were added to the nation’s economy in December 2017

Posted on January 8, 2018
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US Jobs

148, 000 US Jobs were added to the nation’s economy in December 2017 as revealed by the Department of Labor’s monthly report for jobs. Bureau of Labor Statistics also revealed that the rate of unemployment was 4.1% in December the same as in November.

It was forecasted by the analysts that the US labor market would witness another consecutive month of high gains in jobs. But there has been a decline from the month of November when 250,000 jobs were added, said William J. Wiatrowski Acting Commissioner of Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics also revealed the sectors that added jobs, as quoted by the NPR. These include Manufacturing, Construction, and Health Care. The report further elaborates that growth of US Jobs declined to 2.1 million in 2017 from 2016’s 2.2 million jobs.

Below is the sector-wise break-up of performance in the US labor market:

  • Healthcare – 300,000 jobs added, lesser than 379, 000 jobs in 2016
  • Professional and Business services – 527, 000 jobs added, same as in 2016
  • Construction – 210, 000 jobs added, higher than 155, 000 in 2016
  • Factories – 196, 000 jobs added, similar in 2016
  • Retail – decrease of 67, 000 jobs when compared with 203, 000 jobs in 2016
  • Drinks and Food services – 249, 000 jobs added, slight decrease from 2016’s 276, 000 jobs

The figures for the months of October and November have also been revised by BLS. The jobs gains for October were decreased to 211, 000 from earlier 244, 000. The results for November were revised to 252, 000 from earlier 228,000. The gains for these two months have decreased by 9,000 totally after the revised statistics.

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