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Posted on April 14 2020

What to do if your Australian visa is expiring?

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023
What to do if your Australian visa is expiring

The government of Australia has clarified that travel restrictions do not apply to those that are ordinarily resident in some other country than Australia. Such individuals can return to their country of habitual residence or home country if it is possible as well as safe for them to do so.

Do keep in mind that an individual would have to apply for a new visa before the expiration of their current visa. A bridging visa might be granted in such a situation. 

A bridging visa keeps the presence of the person in Australia lawful until a decision is made on the application for the new visa. 

If, however, there is a “No Further Stay” attached to the visa that the person is in Australia on, that person cannot apply for most other visas until the time that they leave Australia. 

No Further Stay conditions include 8503, 8534, and 8535. 

If less than a 2 months’ validity remains on the visa, the visa holder can request for a waiver of the condition of No Further Stay.

In cases of Condition 8558 involving a non-resident not being allowed to stay beyond 12 months in any 18 months’ period, a new visa will have to be applied for. 

If the visa has already expired, the individual will have to apply for Bridging E visa [BVE] at once in order to keep their status in Australia legal. 

Additional time will be given in situations wherein complying with the visa conditions – English language testing, biometrics, or health/police clearance – is not possible due to COVID-19 special measures.

Concessions are being provided on a case-by-case basis where international students are unable to complete Australia Study Requirement or the period of stay needed under the regional initiatives for Temporary Graduate visa holders. 

Those that are currently in Australia on the Seasonal Worker Program and have visas that are due to expire, can get their Australia stay extended. This can be done by submitting an application for a Temporary Activity [subclass 408 Australian Government Endorsed Event (AGEE) stream] visa. 

Temporary work visas holders in Australia that are currently working in critical sectors might also be eligible for the subclass 408 AGEE stream. 

A person holding an Australian temporary visa that has either a remaining validity of 28 days or less or has expired in the previous 28 days, can now apply for a subclass 408. For this, it is important that the visa holder has skills that are related to the supply of essential goods and services during COVID-19 pandemic. Such areas include, but are not limited to, public health, aged care, and agriculture. 

There will be no application fees in such cases

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