Want to immigrate to US? Be careful with your tweets

US may be decided on your opinions and posts

The biggest stage for discussions and debates of all orders, the social media has blown up in the last couple of years towards digital voices taking over the scene. In this milieu of a million opinions per minute, be careful with expressing your opinions openly as US departments will now check out your online profile too. Being liberal and secular is an important part of freedom of expression, or called Article 19 in the Indian Constitution, but this does not apply to the US.

Decisions towards your entry into the US may be decided on your opinions and posts from Facebook, Twitter, Word press and other ways of online communication. Be too liberal with your liberal views and you might lose your chance to fly. As stated by US President Barack Obama, online media vetting has become crucial to visa decision making. In lieu of the San Bernardino shooting incident, there have been swift changes to migration regulations. He also added, to contradict suspicions on access of these departments to private mails and messages.

The aim of the social media vetting pilot program is to root out potential terrorists and their sympathizers. These programs and responsibilities fall under the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Not surprisingly, ABC News had recently stated that this program has been in use for sometime. The department might also go through your blogs and Instagram. Some techies are skeptical. They say that it is hard for DHS to vet messages that may not be in English.

One opinion mentioned that there is high scrutiny in the wake of additional migrant problems. With these developments in mind, we ask all travellers to any US territory to be careful while maintaining a diplomatic stance. Though the changes are not enforced as of now, it is better to be safe than sorry, and imagine if an unimpressive post may lead to a US visa denial.

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Original Source:India Today

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