Vietnam attempts to improve as a tourist destination!

Vietnam attempts to improve as a tourist destination!

Vietnam attempts to improve as a tourist destination!

To enhance the tourism of their nation, the government of Vietnam tried to implement a method that is expected to give them the desired results. The country will now allow 19 nations to enter its territory without a visa. This was a suggestion that was made by The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Ray of hope

In this regard the director of this organization hoped to see signs of recovery in their tourism sector in the months of July, August and September of this year. This is in contrast to the drastic fall 23.4 percent in the month of March. With the implementation of changed rules in this fashion, they hope to get back to their original position in the market.

The lucky countries

So from now tourist from  Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain and Belarus will have easier access to Vietnam. Earlier too, this country has given such an access to countries in other parts of the world that include   Russia, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. This offer has also been extended to Vietnamese that live outside the country and wish to visit.

It is not only for them but also for their spouses and children. It would be wrong to assume that such people are less in number as they account for 4.5 million. Most of them have stepped out of the country in pursuit of brighter career prospects. They also have other plans to achieve the above mentioned goal.

Future plan

The government of Vietnam, has planned to launch a promotional campaign to encourage more people to come into their country. Their present target is to bring their foreign arrivals from 5.7 million to 8 million by the end of this year. The plan also includes the launch of a promo that will be aired 300 times from the 20th of October on a UK channel.

It will be a seven minute video called Welcome to Vietnam featuring major attractions in the country. Much like Thailand and Malaysia, Vietnam will also promote itself on Facebook and Youtube. Hopefully this will bring the outcome they wish to see.

Original Source: Thanhnien News


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