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Posted on August 05 2015

US to grant 10.5 million Green Cards by 2025

By  Editor
Updated April 02 2024

Written by Kruti Beesam  

More number of immigrants in the United States of America can now reap the benefits offered by the Green Card, as the country has decided to increase the number of Green Cards issued to immigrants from various parts of the globe. The official announcement says that the number of Green Cards issued is likely to increase to 10.5 million by 2025.


he History of Granting Green Cards In The U.S

The above figure would exceed the combined populations of as many as three states of the country. These states are New Hampshire, lowa and South Carolina. Presently the reports confirm the legal permanent status of 1 million immigrants every year. If you take a look at this aspect, over the last 5 years the number increases to 5.25 million people with Green Cards. The decision is the result of a drastic change in the wage and employment structure. A change of this kind has led to an increase in the number of middle and low skilled workers in the USA. The benefits of being granted a Green Card by the government of USA are many.


What Can A Green Card Give You?

To start with, you will be allowed to apply for citizenship once you get a green card, along with being able to aid immigration of family members. With the Green Card, you will also be able to avail benefits like federal welfare schemes, work authorization, medical benefits and social security.


Source: The American Bazaar For more news and updates on immigration and visas, please visit Y-Axis News


10.5 Million Green Cards by 2025

US Green Cards


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