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Posted on July 05 2024

US Student Visa Interview Warning: American Embassy

By  Editor
Updated July 05 2024

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Highlights: American Embassy alerts Indian students for US Student Visa Interview

  • The US embassy has notified students against producing fake documents for the US Student Visa interview.
  • The number of student visa applications from Indian students increased by 35% in the 2022-23 session.
  • Students can use the free advising services by EducationUSA for admission and visa process information.
  • Data states around 2,68,923 Indian students were studying in the US in 2022-2023.


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US Student Visa Interview warnings for Indian students

The United States has been reported to be the top choice for Indian students willing to study abroad. Around 1,40,000 student visa applications were issued by India in the academic year 2022-2023. The US embassy expects a further rise in student visa applications from India in 2024.


The US embassy has issued certain notifications to foreign students appearing for US student visa interviews. Nicole Holler, the acting sportsperson of the US Embassy, notified that students must produce original documents and "treat the interview as a conversation." The Embassy is encouraging the use of free advisory services provided by EducationUSA to find information about visa and admission procedures.


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Increase in Indian students in the US

The number of Indian students in the US increased to 2,68,923 in 2023, reporting an increase rate of 35%. The 2023 annual Open Doors Report revealed that Indian students accounted for up to 25% of the foreign student population in the US. The report also shows that Indian students mostly opt for universities in California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Texas.


Studies show that traditionally, most Indian students opted for the US Master's programs. However, there has been a significant rise in the number of Indian students applying for undergraduate programs in the US. The number of undergraduate students from India increased to 31,954, reporting an increase of 16% in 2022-2023. This trend highlights the diverse educational programs and promising career opportunities offered by US universities.


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