Undocumented immigrants are eligible for a driver’s license in parts of America!

Written by Kruti Beesam

Undocumented immigrants

Undocumented immigrants

Immigrants in some parts of the United States of America will now be issued a driver’s license without any hassle, even if they are living in the country illegally. This is possible in 10 states of the country along with Washington DC, where the number of illegal immigrants has gone up to 4.12 million according to a report of a non government organization.

Giving the license to drive

According to the Pew Charitable Trusts report, the unauthorized immigrants can also be granted a driver’s license if they live within the jurisdiction of these states. Since this is a state-related subject only few states give this privilege to its undocumented immigrants. It started in 2013 when eight states along with the District of Columbia gave the right to its undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

Who else is willing to give?

Later, in the year 2015 Delaware and Hawaii joined the league. Even though these states have adopted the laws, they have not issued the licenses yet. Similarly California also did the same in the month of January 442,000 applicants. Last month the number of people who applied were 35,000. Seeing this trend of application, it is being predicted that there will be an increase of 1.4 million illegal immigrants applying for driver’s licenses.

The future of this law

The above prediction has been made by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles. 22 percent of the 11.2 million illegal immigrants of the US live in California. The procedure of issuing license to such immigrants is different in different states. In seven states and the District of Columbia an applicant must translate foreign issued identity and residency documents into English.

Owing to the increasing number of applicants, the states are planning to hire more employees to look after these cases.

Original Source: ALIPAC

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