UK’s New Immigration Rules Place Restrictions On Non-EU Students!

Written By Kruti Beesam

UK Immigration Restrictions On Non-EU Students

The United Kingdom’s immigration rules for non-EU students are getting tougher by the day. Some of the new immigration rules will come into force from August 3rd  2015 and others from November 12th 2015.  These rules will significantly affect the lives of non-EU students in UK. Their restrictive approach towards non-European students will not let them stay in UK beyond the duration of their course.

Who Will Be Affected?

The new immigration rules target the Tire 4 students studying at the publicly funded further education colleges. Moreover, the students at the privately funded further education colleges are likely to receive similar treatment. UK home secretary Theresa May declared that these immigration rules will also extend to students who are not part of the European Economic Area.

This one is again for students on Tire 4 Student Visa. These new immigration rules are awaiting an approval from UK’s Members of Parliament this week. From November 12 this year, all the students willing to work in UK, must leave the country and only then apply for a Tire 2 or Tire 5 working visas.

The Rules Will Restrict Courses Too!

This is to reduce the inconvenience caused to Tire 4 students and bring down the number of overseas skilled workers employed in UK. From the 3rd of August this year, Tire 4 students will have the permission to study only those courses that are linked to their previous course. Further, the course duration is also reduced from 3 years to 2 years.

For The Families Of Non Eu/Eea Students…

The immigration rules also target the families of non EU Tire 4 students. The family members of such students can take up only skilled jobs. This is to restrict those people who come to work in low skilled jobs. However, UK’s new immigration rules have been severely criticized by School of Oriental and African Studies university director Paul Webley.

He said, “students who stay on after they finish their studies develop very strong links with the UK, and so have an understanding of and affinity for the UK that is of great long term benefit for the country.”

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