UK Universities top student satisfaction survey internationally

UK Universities top student satisfaction survey internationally

According to a recent study, it was found that the international students who study in the UK are considerably more satisfied by the standard of education than other universities in other English speaking nations.

The study of around 3.5 lakh students found that 91% of students who have studied in the UK said that the country was the best for education fulfillment. Academic institutions in the UK scored higher in 75 of the 84 measures. Correspondingly, UK universities have scored higher than most other competitors in the world. Also, around 85% of the overseas student immigrants who studies in the UK were much likely to suggest their experience with the university than those students who are studying in other English speaking countries.

According to Vivienne Stern, the UK Higher Education Unit Director, as the country is upgrading results and higher fulfillment with average cost for livelihood in comparison to alternate countries options prescribes that the UK is heading in the right course and the results should be similar in the coming years. Moreover, he said that different countries are raising their education immigration policies and standards for drawing in overseas student aspirants and are additionally getting a boost out of faster employment and economic development. The UK ought to exploit benefits from its unquestionable qualities from its dynamic and continued development for necessary part of the advanced education arrangement of the UK and its extensive economy.

The essential choices for the potential student immigrants in the event that they have not considered the UK, the closest competitor country was the US with 44%, followed by Australia with 24%, and Canada with 19%, that they would gone with as primary immigrations options.

Answers from the survey have uncovered that the four main purposes behind selecting universities in the UK, or other English speaking nations, are the reputation of the university, programs of specialization, security & crime rate, and return on investment (earning capacity).

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