UK to Rollout Biometric Residence Permits For non-EEA Nationals

UK to Rollout Biometric Residence Permits

UK Home Office is expected to rollout Biometric Residence Permits for non-EEA Nationals applying for a UK visa for a stay of more than six months, effective from 15th March, 2015. All applicants are therefore required to apply for a BRP, and if approved, collect the same within 10 days from the date of their first arrival in the UK.

The visa process remains unchanged except that the applicants have to provide their intended date of travel along with a UK address and post code. The post code will help the concerned department to identify the nearest post office branch and dispatch the BRP for collection by the applicant. Overseas applicants will be offered assistance to select a post code on the basis of the UK address they provide.

All successful applicants will be informed of the decision through a letter and are required to collect the BRP within 10 days after landing in UK. A short term visa will be endorsed on the passport or other travel document of the applicant, which will be valid for 30 days from the expected date of travel. There are no additional charges or extra fee for the same.

If an applicant does not travel to UK within the given time of 30 days, then he/she will have to apply for replacement of short-term visa with the Entry Clearance Office and upon replacement, can freely travel to the United Kingdom.

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