UK loses most of its foreign students to European countries!

UK loses  its foreign students to European countries!

The United Kingdom has now become the least preferred destination of foreign students. This is not a random claim, but one made after a valid survey of international students. The lack of post study work opportunity in the country is being seen as one of the major things that are making foreign students unhappy. It has been revealed that 26.8% of the students coming to UK have changed their destination.

Large number of students walking away

Further 5.4% of them have decided to pursue their higher education in their home country itself. All this and more was revealed by The Hobsons International Student Survey, on Tuesday. Despite the fact that the quality and value of education in the United Kingdom, is still very high, there is a drop in the number of students preferring U.K.

Since foreign students contribute to seven billion pounds, the countries government is very much concerned about the sudden decrease in the number of students going to the United Kingdom to study. UK is losing out most of its international students to European countries like Germany. As mentioned above, this shift is mainly due to the flexibility that other countries show in terms of work after study facilities.

Some rules are holding it back

A few months ago Theresa May had proposed that students who want to study in this country must have greater financial back up even to arrive in the UK. Speaking in this regard  Honor Paddock, a director at Hobsons, said: “The fact that the UK is losing out to European competitors with more a relaxed approach to post-work study and a better reputation for welcoming international students should be a real concern to policy-makers.’’

He said that this problem needs to be solved as soon as possible, so that the country does not suffer and more losses of finance or reputation.

Original Source: Huffingtonpost

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