U.S immigration policies affect its restaurants!

US Immigration affects Hotels
Immigration has started to affect all industries around the world, so even the hotel and hospitality industry could not escape its effect. It has been observed that the changes in the immigration policy have affected the immigrant workers who wish to avail the work opportunities in the restaurants of the United States of America.

The employer and the employee are affected

The new rules announced by the president are effecting both the food industry and the immigrants who are mutually dependent on each other. President Barrack Obama made an attempted to protect the illegal immigrants against deportation. This however was not received positively by all the states in the country. As many as 26 states challenged this decision.

The deprivation of an advantage

Since the immigrants usually agree to work for less amount of money, they are considered a boon in the Food Industry of the United States. Losing such workers is not acceptable to owners of restaurants all over the country. The most effected place in the country is Las Vegas because a majority of its revenue depends on restaurants.

The major challenge in this regard, is the fact that there is no growth in the number of workers aged between 16-24 years of age and to add to this, the immigration rules are getting tougher by every passing year. Therefore, there is great disappointment throughout the country, among employers in the food industry and the immigrants alike.

We are yet to see if there will be any changes in the immigration policies of the USA, owing to the strong disapproval coming from both sides.

Original Source: Vegas Inc.

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