Transit Visa Through UK To Be Made Easier


UK has made it easier for travelers to travel through its country. This scheme has been extended to those who hold a valid Australia visa, US visa, Canada visa or New Zealand visa even though their place of destination may not be any of the countries. This was publicized by Theresa May, UK Home Secretary.

Earlier a transit visa was needed for several occasions.

  • When changing flights, but not passing through the border a DATV  (Direct Airside Transit Visa) was needed that lasted 24 hours only.
  • A visitor in transit visa is needed when departing from the airport or passing through border control. This visa is effective for 48 hours only.

But UK has been facing criticism as it is one of the few European countries that is not part of the Schengen circle. But with the recent relaxation of visas and refund of money to Chinese tourists, UK too seems to have opened its gates in allowing visitors through without much hassle.

A UK visa now costs approx. GBP40 and GBP54 and a higher rate for those who frequently need to pass through.

The new visa relaxation measures by UK have been to increase the influx of tourists and to facilitate reaching a target of 6 million air travelers as the festive season draws near.

Source- Emirates 24/7 News

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