Tourism to the UK increased greatly in the year 2015

Tourism to the UK increased

The nation of United Kingdom is rapidly transforming into a top draw destination for foreign tourists with explorers from the Gulf countries, China and Kenya topping the number tables. This jump in tourism benefits as much as possible from the travel visa choices as reveals new figures. The aggregate number of Chinese tourists to Great Britain in the beginning nine months of 2015 was 2,14,000, which is a tremendous rise of 37 percent from 2014. The yearly International Passenger Survey found that while Kenyan travelers numbering 23,000, were up by 30 percent and visitors from Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman (Gulf countries) were up to just under 20 percent in comparison from the previous year.

One reason for this growth in UK’s tourism starts from Eastern Europe nations like Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. The top draws though were from Serbia which pushed the numbers significantly by multiplying the numbers to 108 percent to 27,000. While Romania, the second tourism trade country expanded by 49 percent to 4,58,000.

VisitBritain, the UK’s tourism board special visas to China presented extended travel visas to two years instead of the six months. In is pointed out that the UK tourism industry has seen strong improvement from the US, up 7 percent. Tourists from Germany were moreover up 1 percent, while the amount of visitors from our neighbors, France, stayed the same. The amount of people going to from India rose by 13 percent, setting another record, while Canadian voyagers were up 13 percent.

There was strong increase in tourist numbers from the Gulf States. This stat includes the United Arab Emirates with visits up 32 percent in from January to September, 2015. Though visitor numbers from Saudi Arabia were down 3 percent, spending rose by 44 percent to UK£ 466million. VisitBritain is anticipating further improvement in tourism in this year.

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Original Source:Telegraph

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