The Danish Parliament votes for changes to migration law

The Danish Parliament votes for changes to migration law

The minority center-right government in Denmark has brought into force a law that will give authorities power to keep migrants valuable over UK£ 1000. To be specific, the change in regulations will commits a change in migration law which allows Danish authorities to take away refugees’ possessions that are worth over Danish Krone 10,000 (or about UK£ 1000) to be confiscated to pay for their stay and facilitation. These changes will not include sentimental items like wedding rings and such. Also, necessary instruments like mobile phones will not be confiscated.

The first proposed change required suggested Danish Krone 3,000 (or about UK£ 300) as the cap for possession. But immigration authorities had stated that the change to Danish Krone 10,000 will be the final amount. The reason for such a stringent ruling towards refugee rehabilitation has been that the seven-month old Liberal government had just 34 seats out of 179 seats in its parliament. Their continuation depended on the support of parties to the right of center, which also includes the anti-immigrant Eurosceptic Danish People’s Party (DF). This dilemma had placed the ruling government in a precarious situation as it tried to accommodate the Danish People’s Party policies and their Eurosceptic views; while at the same time, trying to please other more minor political parties that advocated similar policies.

This ruling however, will not affect any legal migrants as their livelihood and facilitation is within accepted means. What this means is that legal immigrants will be given first preference by the current ruling parties towards permanent residence in the Danish society. The reason would be their skilled requirements adding to Danish employment, economy and growth. Are you looking for visa options to Denmark immigration?

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