The Czech Republic’s visa centre opened in Bengaluru

The Czech Republic’s visa centre opened in Bengaluru

The Czech Republic’s first visa centre in South India was opened on 16 June in Bengaluru. Opened by VFS Global, a technology services provider for many governments and missions globally, it will let citizens of Bengaluru and other south Indian cities apply for a visa to this Central European country.

Short-term visa applications will be accepted in this centre, where applications would be processed within a week. With many Indian IT majors opening their offices in the Czech Republic, there was an urgent need to open an office in the IT hub of India.

The Czech Republic’s Ambassador to India, Milan Hovorka, was quoted by the Hindu as saying that right now they were expecting to get about 100 applications per day. Speaking at the launch, Hovorka said that 2015 saw 55,000 Indians visiting the Czech Republic. He was of the view that the potential was much more.

Hovorka added that Indian students too were evincing interest in pursuing their education in the Czech Republic. These student visas would take around 4-5 weeks to process, he added.

Alternatively, applicants could apply for Schengen visas if their main mission was to visit the Czech Republic.

Hovorka’s focus, however, was on restoring direct flights to and fro the Czech Republic from India. He said that they were trying to bring about an atmosphere in order that companies after assessing the data would be encouraged to initiate flight connectivity.

Indians, who are interested in visiting this Central European nation, could contact Y-Axis, which with its 17 offices across India will help you file for a visa meticulously.

Meta-Description: The Czech Republic’s first visa centre in South India, which was opened on 16 June in Bengaluru, is being operated by VFS Global.

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