Student immigrants in Netherlands get one year added stay

Student immigrants in Netherlands get one year added stay

An adjustment in visa rules in the Netherlands will give international student immigrants an additional period to its existing timeframe to apply for a year long permit to reside in the country. However, the Orientation Year extension is to be applied to post graduation. Under the new guidelines, which are set to be actualized soon, graduates will be permitted to apply for the license inside of three years of graduation from a Dutch or global educational institutes, rather than only one year as currently observed.

The arrangement change will likewise make it less demanding for PhD and Master’s level students to work without a grant amid their Orientation Year. Sources who work to overcome student immigration issues for overseas students and graduates, told local news that the additional period to apply for the permit is an extraordinary advantage for overseas students.

The Orientation Year currently exists in two streams: one for graduates of PhD or Master’s programs in the Netherlands or from top positioned universities abroad, and another for those graduating with any degree from Dutch universities. These streams will be joined as an effect of the regulation changes, and new individuals will be qualified, including academic researchers who research in the Netherlands; graduates of Master’s level programs from the Erasmus Mundus Course; alumni of social studies inside of specified subjects of the Cultural Policy Act; and graduates instructed through the Dutch Foreign Affairs ‘development aid program’.

Likewise, as a major aspect of the new regulations, it is not longer a necessity for Masters’ graduates and doctoral degrees to apply for a work grant in the Orientation Year. Regulation authorities worked in concert with the Netherland’s Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Ministry of Security and Justice in executing these regulations. Universities and the Dutch Government expect the changes to attract many student immigrants to study in the nation.

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Source: The Pie News

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