South Africa requires to improve visa-free status to improve quality of nationality

South Africa requires to improve visa-free status

As per the Henley’s Quality of Nationality Index (QNI), considered the first index globally to rank the quality of countries, sees South Africa rank at 89th position among the 161 countries measured. Its poor showing on the visa-free travel index for its citizens needs a leg up, according to Sandra Woest, Henley & Partners SA spokesperson.

This index takes into account factors within the country, such as the economy’s scale, peace and stability, human development, and external factors such as visa-free travel and the facility to relocate abroad without too many difficulties, according to Engineering News.

These factors add up to make one country’s quality of life when compared to another which aids in developing its citizens aptitudes and commerce.

While Germany ranks the first in the list, the US ranks at 28th position. Ranking at the bottom of the list is the Democratic Republic of Congo, with Afghanistan and the Central African Republic also faring very poorly. Woest said Malta’s ranking at the 22 position shows its stature as a destination for most from the Rainbow Country wanting a second passport. She said a Maltese passport allows you to travel to 168 countries.

Of the BRICS nations, South Africa ranks better than India, which is at the 102nd position in the index. Although South Africa ranks low in the QNI rating, it compares much better to other African countries, Woest adds.

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