Singapore to Review Immigration Rules

Written by Kruti Beesam

Singapore to Review Immigration Rule

Singapore now has a different approach towards immigrants from the other parts of the world. The immigrants are being kept at a distance stating a number of identity problems of the country.

The above information was confirmed by the Prime Minister of the country Lee Hsien Loong. Among many problems caused by the immigrants, the Prime Minister stated infrastructure, space and carrying capacity of Singapore as the major ones.

Their Major Concern

While acknowledging the fact that immigrants can bring immense improvement in the country’s economy, Mr Lee Hsien Loong is more concerned about the social pressures and other problems at the moment. He hopes to see a day when there can be a balance between the two, without having to compromise on any of them. Unfortunately, until then, there seems to be no other way.

The Official statement

Speaking in this regard, the Singapore Prime Minister said,  “There are trade-offs. If we have no foreign workers, our economy suffers, our own lives suffer. We have a lot of foreign workers, the economy will do well, (but) we have other social pressures, other problems.”

Singapore has witnessed the lowest immigration in 2014, of only 26,000. This has been the case for a very long time. Unlike 2014, the year 2011 saw a greater number of immigrants that year as many as 80,000 came to Singapore. The country is hoping to solve the problem of overcrowding through this.

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