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Posted on July 20 2022

Schengen visa appointments unavailable due to high demand

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Schengen visa appointments unavailable due to high demand

Highlights of Schengen visa

  • Schengen visa appointments canceled till September 2022 due to high demand
  • No slots are available for 26 Schengen countries in July and August
  • Embassies are unable to meet the demand as the number of visas is fixed

No Schengen visa appointments till September 2022

Individuals belonging to non-EU countries will not be able to get Schengen visa appointments as they are canceled due to high demand. When the European Union and Schengen Area countries have uplifted the COVID restrictions for the summer, individuals belonging to third- countries applied for the Schengen visas.

Because of such a high demand, individuals who have not applied for the visa will not be able to get a slot till mid-September 2022. The executives of the travel industry told that no slots for July and August are available for the 26 Schengen Area countries.

Slot availability in August

It has also been revealed that there are a few countries for which some slots may be available in August. But no slots are available for most of the Schengen Area countries in September. This situation has occurred because embassies are unable to meet the high demand for Schengen visas. This happened because the number of Schengen visas is fixed.

Tourism to other countries

Because of the unavailability of the slot, individuals from third countries are going to other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, and many more. As there is an unavailability of the slots, low number of tourists will come to visit Europe.

Long processing of visas led to the situation

In the previous months, embassies took a lot of time to process the visas. Now additional staff has been hired to speed up the process the visas. Generally, it takes 15 days to process the visa application.

About Schengen Visa

The Schengen visa is a short-term visa whose validity is 90 days. Candidates having this visa can enter any Schengen country for business or tourism purposes. There are many countries that do not have any agreement with the Schengen countries. Candidates belonging to these countries must have a visa to visit the Schengen countries.

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