Record number of immigrants entered Germany in 2015

Germany witnessed highest number of immigrants

Germany witnessed highest number of immigrants ever arriving on its shores in 2015. The number of immigrants who entered the country was about 2.1 million, which is an increase of 46 per cent compared to the previous year, says IANS, quoting the figures released on 13 July by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany.

According to Efe news, 998,000 people left the country last year, which too grew by nine per cent compared to 2014.

Taking both the figures into consideration, net immigration to Germany was at around 1.1 million, the highest ever in the country’s history.

Included in the immigrants, apart from asylum seekers, were citizens from the other European Union nations who came searching for work. The highest number of migrants numbering 326,000 came from Syria, followed by 212,000 Romanians and 190,000 Poles.

While EU member states citizens constituted 45 per cent of immigrants, 13 per cent arrived from non-EU European countries, of which Asians made up 30 percent and Africans five percent.

Germany is the richest country in the EU and the fourth largest economy in the world. An industrial as well as a technological hub, it offers a very high quality of life.

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