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Posted on June 05 2020

Quebec announces reforms in PEQ and 2 new pilot programs

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023
Quebec announces reforms in PEQ and 2 new pilot programs

In a Press Release dated May 28, Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration [MIFI] has announced a “reform of the PEQ for better integration into the labor market”. 2 pilot programs – for Attendants to beneficiaries, along with another for Artificial intelligence and information technology industry – have been announced as well.

The PEQ is “immigrate to Quebec” stream providing a fast-tracked route to Canada PR for international students and temporary foreign workers that have resided in Quebec.

Changes in the Quebec Experience Program have been made following consultations between the MIFI and stakeholders from various sectors. The Quebec Experience Program is referred to as PEQ for Programme de l’expérience Québécoise.

The reforms are expected to be “an important milestone in the modernization of the immigration system started since October 2018”.

Reforms made to the PEQ will come into force in the coming weeks.

As per the Quebec immigration minister Simon-Jolin Barrette, there were 4 major objectives that led to the PEQ reforms –

  1. Better integration into the labour market
  2. A more efficient selection for meeting the requirements of the labour market
  3. French-language competency facilitating integration
  4. Strengthening of the integrity of the program

Increased work experience now required

Work experience required to be eligible for the PEQ has been increased. This has been done in order to bring about the better integration of immigrants into the Quebec society as well as to ensure that they meet the requirements of the local labour market.

Temporary foreign worker 36 months full-time work experience in the 48 months prior to submission of application
Quebec graduate 12 or 24 months full-time work experience now required

Knowledge of French for spouses

French is one of the main factors for the successful assimilation of immigrants into the society as well as the job market in Quebec. Hence, a level 4 oral knowledge of the French language will be required to be demonstrated by the spouses of the principal applicants.

However, this measure is only expected to come into force in a year.

Reinforced integrity

A certificate of success of an advanced intermediate level French course that is offered in Quebec by any educational institution will no longer be admissible towards being proof of the candidate’s knowledge of the French language.

Processing time

The MIFI plans on processing requests made in the PEQ within a maximum of 6 months.

Pilot programs targeted at nurse’s aides and tech workers

The coming weeks shall see the creation of 2 new permanent immigration pilot programmes

Attendants to beneficiaries. All regions throughout Quebec have been facing a severe manpower shortage with reference to attendants to beneficiaries.

As of now, the selection programs that are available to Quebec – the Regular Skilled Worker Program and the Quebec Experience Program – do not allow for an effective and sufficient selection of foreign workers in this sector.

From 2013 to the present, only 115 beneficiary attendants have been selected through the PRTQ and PEQ.

With the implementation of a pilot programme, up to 550 CSQs a year are to be reserved for the selection of attendants.

Artificial intelligence and information technology industry. Booming sectors, these are at the heart of the economic development strategy in Quebec. Through a pilot program, it will be possible to attract as well as retain specialists in these fields.

A pilot program will lead to 550 CSQs annually being set aside for immigrants working specifically in these sectors.

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