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Posted on June 02 2022

Plan your visit to EU countries. No COVID-19 restrictions from June.

By  Editor
Updated January 18 2024


  • No requirement for vaccination report, recovery, or test certificate
  • No COVID restrictions to traveling to European countries is easy
  • A few countries will still continue COVID restrictions


The infection rates have become low and the summer season is also going to start in a few just weeks. Most of the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area have lifted up all the restrictions related to the COVID-19.

The list of countries in which COVID-19 rules is lifted up is as follows:

List of EU countries with ‘NO’ COVID restrictions
Austria Ireland
Belgium Italy
Bulgaria Latvia
Czech Republic Lithuania
Croatia Norway
Cyprus Poland
Denmark Romania
Greece Slovenia
Hungary Sweden
Iceland Switzerland

Travelers traveling to these countries do not have to provide any certificate related to the COVID-19. People who want to visit these European countries can make plans without having any worries about COVID-restrictions.

Countries following COVID-19 restrictions

There are still some countries where the COVID-19 restrictions are not lifted up. The list includes:

  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Spain

The rules for each country are given below:


Estonia has not lifted up the COVID-19 restrictions. The restrictions have been laid for the people immigrating from certain countries. The travelers have to provide a vaccination certificate or a negative report to make an entry into Estonia.


Finland has not lifted up the retractions even for the people living in the EU and the EEA. Travelers have to produce a vaccination or a recovery certificate when they arrive in Finland. If travelers do not have any of these certificates, they have to provide a negative report. Travelers from the third countries will have to provide a vaccination or recovery certificate.


France has divided the countries into green and orange. People living in the list of green countries include all the EU and the EEA countries along with third countries. Travelers coming from the green countries can provide either of the certificates, which include vaccination, test, or recovery.

Travelers coming from the orange list countries will have to follow strict rules. Fully vaccinated and recovered candidates can enter the country while non-vaccinated immigrants have to produce a negative test report.


German Federal office has stated that people of the age of 12 years and more have to produce a vaccination, recover, or test certificates to enter Germany. People unable to provide any of these certificates have to go through other rules.

Countries like Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain also have the same rules for the immigrants coming from different countries.

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