Ontario To Reintroduce New Immigration Act for Immigrants

Ontario To Reintroduce New Immigration Act

Ontario Will Introduce a New Immigration Act For the Benefits of Immigration

Ontario, one of the 10 provinces in Canada, is working on introducing a new immigration act for the migrants. The new Act, if passed, could assist Ontario to work with Ottawa and improve the economic benefits of immigration.

Immigrants play a significant role in developing any economy, and therefore deserve attention and easy laws to migrate and contribute to its growing market demand and rising competition.

The benefits this new act would bring to the immigration are:

  • Associate Ontario Work with Federal Government for recruitment, selection and admission of high skilled migrants to Canada
  • Take strong measures for better accountability and to reduce fraud and safeguard the integrity of immigration programs
  • Improve relationships with other immigration partners for better transparency and information-sharing

The Act also aims to make amendments to the Provincial Nominee Program so it can accommodate any increase in federal government allocation of economic migrants.

Source: news.ontario.ca


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