Obama’s New Year surprise: Work permits for foreign college graduates

 Work permits for foreign college graduates

On the last day of December in the last work hours in the years 2015, we got some spellbinding news from across the pond. The white collar foreign army is to stay, legally as huge changes as by the US President Barack Obama has put forward. This goes very far from the recent news of fee hikes that have faced immense flack in the recent days towards the end of 2015.

The new regulations focus on the future employment of current and prospective foreign immigrations. Also, post higher education, the new graduates will be cheaper to hire for employers, which will give a much wanted boost to US economy. Some professionals in law opine that as many as a hundred thousand could get Green Cards, which may elude them as the quota system allows only for a certain number.

This comes as amazing news to the thousands of Indians and Chinese who immigrate on H-1B temporary work visas, as well as students who invest in US universities and other educational institutions. These graduates can then avail the Optional Practical Training scheme to find work, and now hopefully stay back in the country. Some data states that around 120,000 students are working in the US under the Optional Practical Training for a period of two years post graduation. Under the H-1B visa scheme, there are around 650,000 foreigners working in various industries like IT and Social Services. Expect the news to be published in the Federal Reserve today.

So, are you are on the H-1B visa, or are currently studying in the US, or working under the Optimal Practical Training program, please fill a form so that one of our consultants will reach you to entertain your queries.

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Original Source:Breitbart

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s New Year surprise: Work permits for foreign college graduates

  1. Chandrakanth reddy January 2, 2016 at 3:53 pm - Reply

    I am pursuing my Masters and i will graduate by this April. What are the chances for me to stay in US? I mean how much time i can stay in US at max?

    • Hi Chandrakanth reddy,
      Thank you for contacting us, please provide us your Email and mobile number, one of our counsellors will get back to you shortly.
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