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Posted on February 21 2024

No investment & tax-free income, Apply Dubai Startup Visa

By  Editor
Updated February 21 2024

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Dubai Start-Up Visa: No investments Required and Tax-Free Income 

  • Dubai start-up visa was introduced in 2017 offering several benefits to entrepreneurs.
  • The city offers streamlined processes and other advantages by recognizing the opportunity to attract foreign talent.
  • Benefits such as no minimum investment and tax free income are provided by the visa.
  • Furthermore, funding and assistance programs are provided to entrepreneurs.


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Dubai start-up visa for entrepreneurs

The start-up visa in Dubai was introduced in 2017 as part of the Dubai Future Foundation's commitment to fostering an innovative and creative culture in the city. Most young entrepreneurs search for start-up visa programs in Dubai, seeking more favourable conditions. The start-up visa offers several benefits to foreign business owners.


Dubai recognizes the opportunity to attract international talent and offers streamlined processes, minimal investment requirements, and other attractive advantages such as mentorship, funding, and pathways to citizenship or permanent residency.


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Benefits of Dubai start-up visa

There are several benefits provided by Dubai’s start up visa, they are:

  • No investment required

There are no minimum investment requirements or turnover restrictions for start-up owners in Dubai, provided the applicants have a viable and inventive business idea that the Dubai Future Foundation approves. 


  • Tax free environment

Dubai offers tax-free environment to entrepreneurs by eliminating corporations, income, and capital gains taxes. This makes it possible for the young business owners to retain more of their profits fostering reinvestment into their enterprises. This tax-free condition sets Dubai apart as a lucrative destination for emerging businesses.


  • Funding and support

Entrepreneurs in Dubai benefit from having access to several funding and assistance programs. Initiatives like the Dubai Future Accelerators, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund, the Dubai SME, and the Dubai Start-up Hub provide crucial resources, mentorship, and financial support.


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No investment & tax-free income, Apply for Dubai Start-up Visa


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