New Zealand Extends Online Visa Application System

New Zealand Online Visa Application System

New Zealand, in a move to simplify visa application process, has extended online visa application system further to work and visitor visas. In August last year, it started accepting visa applications online from foreign students willing to study in New Zealand. Now, it has announced that an ICT system is developed to allow people from all over the world to submit their applications online irrespective of their visa type.

The Expat Forum has quoted Michael Woodhouse saying, “Online visas are possible as a result of the development of INZ’s new ICT system, known as Immigration ONLINE. The roll out of online Work and Visitor visas follows the success of online student visa applications which have been available online since August last year.”

The introduction of online system is set to make application process faster and easier for everybody willing to visit New Zealand. However, Mr. Woodhouse said that the current capability is to handle 60% of the visa applications and it will be increased further to 80% by the end of this year. This will be done at a cost of $28.4 million investment.

So now, students, visitors, and onshore work applicants can obtain eVisas by filing relevant application online. This service is also available for countries under visa waiver programme.

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