New Zealand Digitizes its Visa processes for Students, Job Seekers and Visitors

New Zealand Digitizes its Visa process

With an aim to modernize its travel procedures of foreign nationals to the island nation of New Zealand, the immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse has come up with an idea of convenience to invite students, job seekers and visitors from various countries. The option has been chosen to make the entire process simpler, cheaper and very easy.

The e-visa is currently open to people coming in as students, job seekers or visitors, whether they live within the country or outside of it. With the implementation of this change, the applicants no longer need to struggle to get a visa and this makes the entire process a lot simpler than the one presently in use.

The reason behind this move

The main target of the modernization process is to attract and improve the number of people entering the country as tourists and students. The education and tourism sectors are likely to get a significant boost with this change. According to many newspapers from the region, New Zealand believes that it is a wonderful example of how the government has began to make the best use of technology to improve its economy and promote its development.

Mutual benefits

The modernization of the visa application and approval process will enable students and tourists to have easier access to the country. They can now prepare for a better future in New Zealand and give a better shape to their career. Similarly, it also provides a great opportunity for tourists who choose New Zealand as their travel destination. In fact, the situation is mutually beneficial for the visitors, students, job seekers and the country being visited. Travelers have easy access to enjoy a refreshing holiday, good quality education and greater job opportunities, while giving a boost to the economy of New Zealand.

With this development, there will no longer be any physical mark of visa approval on the passport. Hereon, the applicant will receive online notifications regarding the start and end dates and conditions of the e-visa. These changes will come into force from the year 2016.

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