Mayor Sadiq Khan makes a case for London work visas

A separate work permit system for London

City Hall of London is said to be preparing proposals to have for London a separate work permit system as the capital of the United Kingdom is seeking to strike a deal on immigration in Britain post-Brexit.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, was quoted by Sky News as telling it that a set of representatives of business were working on a scheme that would make sure that London could continue hiring and attracting skilled workers.

He is said to have been discussing this with the chancellor Philip Hammond and David Davis, the Brexit secretary, and Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, on this matter.

Khan is scheduled to meet the Theresa May, British Prime Minister, to put forward a case for protecting London’s interests.

He was quoted by the media house as saying that they were talking to business heads, business houses to see what can be done to ensure that London does not lose its edge as far as the innovation, the talent pool and the other advantages it offers, making it the top city in the world.

According to Khan, the government was taking into cognisance their concerns. He said that the same thing was evident from all the discussions he had with the government members, the Brexit Secretary, the Chancellor, the Foreign Secretary and other policymakers in the government.

Khan said he was of the view that the government recognises the fact that it was in everybody’s interests to be not having a bad deal with the European Union.

It was crucial that the government realised that they needed to be in a position to hire talent to London.

In the referendum held on 23 June, most citizens of London voted unequivocally to stay in the EU.

Khan is all for more autonomy for the English capital and is said to have demanded a seat at the table during May’s forthcoming negotiations on Brexit.

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