Malta will need thousands of Non-EU immigrant workers


Malta will need thousands of Non-EU immigrant workers to cater to its need for huge workforce according to the leading the economist Philip von Brockdorff. The Head of the Economics Department at the University of Malta said that easing visa rules for Non-EU immigrant workers by Malta would promote the arrival of more immigrants.

Philip von Brockdorff was responding to The Sunday Times of Malta report that government is looking to bring in several thousand of overseas workers from nations with high joblessness. Dr. Brockdorff said that the policy for Non-EU immigrant workers had transformed considerably in the recent years. This has resulted in large influx of overseas workers in the labor market of Malta, added the economist, as quoted by the Times of Malta.

The Head of the Economics Department at the University of Malta said that if visa regime was liberalized further many Non-EU immigrant workers will arrive at the nation and enhance the economic growth. The pressure from private firms on the government of Malta to ease visa rules for overseas workers will continue added Dr. Brockdorff. This was especially true for tourism and construction sectors, said the economist.

Sources in the Government revealed that the Cabinet was exploring pathways to assist fulfillment of overseas workers requirement by private firms. This includes both unskilled and skilled workers and could even result in forming a new ad hoc structure.

Joe Farrugia the Malta Employers’ Association Director General said that a more streamlined process for work permits and visas is required. Jobs Plus the State employment agency has drafted a proposal for labor market requirements of Malta. It indicates that thousands of fresh workers will be required to cater to the demand. Philip von Brockdorff said that dependence on overseas workers was good for a growing and evolving economy.

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