King’s college wants Indian students to be granted work visas!

Indian students to be granted work visas
King’s college is looking forward to welcoming a lot more students from India, in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, despite the restrictions in terms of work visas in the UK. The college wants the post work visas to be reissued by the government of the country. The authorities of this university, strongly support this cause.

Disappearance of Indian students from UK

Since the year 2010, there has been a significant reduction in the number of students coming to UK, from different countries of the world to pursue their higher education. The severity of the reduction can be seen with a 50 percent fall in the number of students choosing the United Kingdom as their academic destination.

This is being seen as one of the major reasons for British universities being deprived of their revenues. The universities in UK have been hosting many Indian students since a very long time. In fact, history associates the names of great Indians like Sarojini Naidu and Khushwant Singh with the King’s college.

Further it has been observed that every fifth student in a British University is from abroad. Similarly every fourth student in London is not a native.

Opinion of the Principal about the Indian students

King’s College president and principal professor Edward Byrne revealed his opinion to the Times of India, saying that the college strongly supports giving the work visas to Indian students as he believes that they positively contribute to UK’s culture, society and economy.

In his own words “We are very much open to receiving students from India, and absolutely value the positive ethos they bring. We are working with the government to improve visa conditions. Students from India interested in applying to King’s shouldn’t be put off by the visa application process. We have a dedicated team to help with visas and deal with any issues arising from UK Border Agency.”

Original Source: Times of India

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