Japan To Ease Visa Rules For Wealthy Chinese

Japan Ease Visa Rules For Chinese

Relaxed Japan Visa Norms for Wealthy Chinese

Foreign Ministry of Japan is planning to simplify multiple-entry visa rules  for Wealthy  Chinese visitors. Doing so will ease tensions between the two  nations, and  also bring in more revenues to Japan.

Japan issues two types of visas to Chinese tourists – single-entry and  multiple-entry visit  visas. The former is only for a one time use, while the  latter can be used to enter Japan  more than once as long as the visa is valid.

Chinese visitors to Japan currently have to spend a night in Okinawa  Prefecture or in  Iwate, Miyagi or Fukushima prefectures which was severely  damaged by an earthquake in  2011.

The Foreign Ministry is closely considering the idea of removing these travel  restrictions,  and instead putting restrictions that prevent Chinese travellers  from misusing their visa  and carrying out illegal activities in the country.

That apart, it is said that the ministry also aims to allow Chinese visitors to obtain multiple-entry visa and teach Japan related subjects to improve Chinese impression of Japan.

Statistics reveal that Japan issued 970,000 visas to Chinese, of which 45,044 were multiple-entry visas.

Source: Japan Times

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