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Posted on February 19 2024

Japan announces new digital nomad visa, Apply now!

By  Editor
Updated February 19 2024

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New digital nomad visa announced in Japan

  • Japan plans to issue six-month visas for digital nomads, which is anticipated to begin in March.
  • Digital nomads with an annual earning of ¥10 million or more are eligible for the visa. 
  • Spouses and children of visa holders can accompany them to the country, provided they have private health insurance.
  • The Digital Nomad Visa cannot be renewed but can be reapplied six months after leaving Japan. 


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Japan announced new six month visa for digital nomads

Japan has revealed plans to issue a six-month visa for digital nomads with an annual salary of ¥10 million or higher. The new Nomad Visa is expected to be implemented towards the end of March 2024. 


According to A Brother Abroad, a U.S. travel information website, more than 35 million digital nomads are working globally, contributing $787 billion to the economy. Governments worldwide actively encourage remote work to promote domestic innovation and tourism. 


The six month duration visa was chosen after a majority of digital nomads were surveyed where they expressed their preference for longer stays than the current duration of short stays of 90 days.


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Digital nomads eligible for specified activities visa category in Japan

The "Specified activities" visa category is eligible for Digital nomads working remotely while changing between locations for short or medium-term stays from 49 specific territories and countries. Self-employed candidates are also eligible for this visa category. 


The countries eligible for this visa category maintain agreements and tax treaties with Japan, eliminating the need for a short-term visa. Australia, the USA, and Singapore are some of the countries that are exempted from the short-term visa requirement.  


Details about the new digital nomad visa in Japan

  • Candidates can work remotely in any location within Japan without needing a formal employment in the country.
  • Spouses and children of holders can accompany digital nomads, provided they have private health insurance. 
  • Candidates holding the visa will not receive any certificate or residence card.
  • The visa is not renewable and candidates will need to reapply after 6 months.


The duration of stay differs with each country.  Taiwan allows candidates to stay for three years, whereas South Korea permits for up to two years, with an option to apply for permanent residency. 


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Web Story:  Japan Announces New Digital Nomad Visa, Apply now!


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