Indian Students in New Zealand Receive Extortion Calls

Extortion calls to Indian Students

One of India’s leading daily, The Times of India, has reported today that Indian students in New Zealand are receiving extortion calls demanding thousands of dollars. The scammers are making these calls posing as immigration officials and asking the students to transfer money through Western Union to their India accounts.

In view of the growing calls from scammers, the authorities in New Zealand have warned the students from responding to them or sending any money.

The callers often threaten the Indian students, talking in a loud and authoritative voice, of legal action. They tell the students either that their arrival card has a problem or there is a problem with their visa processing at the immigration. Thus, prompting Indian students to worry and deposit the money they ask for.

However, New Zealand’s immigration authorities have asked Indian students not to panic and report any such activity if it comes to their notice. More than 100,000 Indians live, work, and study in New Zealand.

Source: The Times of India.

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